TUF002 product sheet 2016 v2 Page 1

This second generation TUF represents a giant leap forward in USB charging technology. With 5A output across two USB ports. TUF5A can simultaneously charge two of your devices at speeds comparable to or faster than your devices' own chargers. TUF5A utilises IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition) enabling it to 'talk' to your devices ensuring an optimum charging rate. 

Not only TUF by name, but tough by nature; TUF5A is designed to withstand the elements of a commercial environment with 'ruggedized' connectors withstanding 5000 plus insertions. This makes TUF5A ideally suited to the high usage environments such as hotels and offices. TUF5A circuitry includes protection against both input and output current overload, and has been independently tested to the latest International Safety and EMC standards. 

Through innovative engineering TUF5A boasts an exceptional efficiency of 91% ensuring you a full 5A of power for charging. This allows you to charge your devices faster, with far less power wastage through heat generation, and comply with the latest international standards on the efficiency of power supplies.

Within the many different sectors that Elsafe supply, they all require, to some degree, a freedom to charge mobile devices in easily accessible places. TUF5A provides the perfect solution, not only does it allow fast intelligent charging to any mobile device, but can be built into the majority of our power modules. TUF5A can be fitted into desks, meeting tables, lockers, cafe tables, common rooms, bedrooms, hotel receptions, hospital rooms, trains, planes, lecture theatres, even into the sides of an armchair. 

And if you have ever considered designing your own power module, where ours may not suit, there is no better time - because we can help you integrate TUF5A into your own OEM solution. 

This versatility allows TUF5A to be available to anyone who needs it. TUF5A improves Health & Safety standards through controlled procurement, rather than allowing the use of untested plugtop chargers. 

TUF5A gives users the flexibility to charge anywhere anytime SAFELY!