Elsafe's Pixel unit has been designed to meet demand for a small and aesthetically pleasing power and data unit to fit neatly into a wide range of furniture. Fitting almost flush into a standard 80mm cut out without the need for tools, PIXEL takes up almost no room at all. You may even forget it’s there until you need it.

PIXEL will accept eight+ different plug socket nationalities including Australian, UK, Schuko, French, Swiss, Italian and Danish. Alternatively PIXEL can be fitted with our TUF5A: Twin USB Fast charger. In addition Pixel has two data apertures for optional RJ45, USB, Audio or HDMI connectivity.

PIXEL’s unique design with the sweeping organic curves ensure protection against liquid ingress.

Now available in Black or White with a choice of silver or the pixel-8 coloured grommets.

TUF 5A no background