polarICE brings power and data connectivity to the desktop in a sleek ice cool package. With a unique range of options as to appearance and fitting. polarICE is available with our advanced TUF5A: Twin USB Fast charger, in addition to country specific AC power sockets and Data/AV modules. White Snap on fascias and domed end caps, with contrasting grey or black socket fascias give polarICE a distinctive modern look. In addition a wide range of fixing options allows polarICE to be quickly and neatly fitted to most desks and screens, often without the need for special tools or under desk access.

polarICE has been designed to allow shape customisation, either before or after the unit is installed. As well as snap on snap off frames polarICE can be fitted with flat, rounded or even custom-made endcaps to match the overall workplace scheme.

TUF 5A no background