Freestanding Solutions 


Elsafe's Cable Snake Freestanding Desk Solutions have been designed and researched for the Australian and New Zealand markets.  

Channel Desk Solutions


Elsafe's Cable Snake® Channel Desk Solutions are tailored towards desks that have a power channel attached to the frame as well as Back to Back sit to stand desk configurations. 

Cable Snake Ceiling Kits


Elsafe's Cable Snake® Ceiling Kits have been specially designed to incorporate Ceiling to Desk configurations on Sit to Stand desks and Ceiling to Floor configurations to offer a complete Cable Snake look. 

Cable Snake Accessories


Elsafe's Cable Snake® Accessory range has an extensive selection of products that can complete almost any configuration requested.

Cable Snake® Pro


The High-Traffic Cable Snake designed for wall or floor mounting in high traffic areas. Low profile design with 2D/3D functionality. 

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Cable-Snake® Orbit


Discrete, circular umbilical with small diameter, patented bayonet connector and integrated 2D/3D functionality. 

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Cable-Snake® Orbit In-desk Ducts


A stylish range of in-desk ducts designed to handle a large number of cables. 

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