How Elsafe Can Protect Your System

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The Insurance Council of Australia statistics show insurers paid out $5.1 million to 4186 claimants for power surge damage in 2011, and $4.7 million for 4298 claims in 2010. However these insurance claims represent only a very small percentage of the actual total cost caused by power surges. Permanent or temporary loss of important electronic data and business downtime, while systems are repaired, can severely impact on your company.


What Causes Power Surges?  


Lightning is a significant source of power surges. The eastern seaboard of Australia has at least 2-3 ground strikes per square kilometre per year. This is a significant number as a lightning strike hundreds of meters away can still induce damaging transients into the power lines even if they are underground.


Other Transients

Lightning is not the only cause of transients, it is estimated that 65% originate from the power grid, nearby equipment, or even from within your own facility. Some examples are:

  • Operation of high powered electrical equipment by neighbouring industries
  • and offices.
  • Transmission line switching, and fault clearing.
  • Operation of power factor correction devices.
  • Winds and storms causing damage to overhead power lines.
  • Switching on and off electrical loads within your own facility, including heating/cooling systems, motors, lifts, and the operation of some standard office equipment.

Elsafe currently offers two levels of protection, the Surge Protection Filter and the Basic J-Coupler surge protection.

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J-coupler surge protection

j-coupler-button1159050 – Basic J Coupler Surge Protection
Surge Protection in an easy to fit J coupler – Basic Model.


power and surge protection filter

power-and-surge-protection-filter1The 121380 is a Mains voltage filter with additional surge protection. It provides protection against voltage transients, low and high frequency noise, and assists with the reduction of harmonics generated by electronic equipment.


surge protection filter module

surge-protection-module1Elsafe’s most advanced surge protector filter provides the gold standard in power filtering and protection


railways surge protection

railway-surge-protection-button1The Elsafe Technical Housing & Termination System is a simple, cost-effective system for protecting railway electrical and signalling systems from interference and transients. The system consists of two main components.