surge protection filter module


The 121380 is a Mains voltage filter with additional surge protection. It provides protection against voltage transients, low and high frequency noise, and assists with the reduction of harmonics generated by electronic equipment. Single Phase Surge Protection Filter, with status monitoring and overload protection.This is the right choice if you are...

  • Lightning prone area (greater than 1 ground strike per year).
  • Office contains industrial equipment including lifts, large heating or cooling plants.
  • Area prone to storms / high winds.
  • Track record of poor grid power quality.
  • Office that includes sensitive equipment.
  • Large number of switching power supplies (including PC's) in one place leading to harmonic distortion.

Surge Protection Filter
Elsafe's most advanced surge protector filter provides the gold standard in power filtering and protection:
• Common and differential mode filtering to keep damaging spikes and dips away from your important equipment.
• 25kA of Active-Neutral and 10kA of Active-Earth and Neutral-Earth protection.
• LED indication to show power supply and status of surge protection.
• Powerful filtering and attenuation of damaging harmonics, protecting downstream equipment and internal components.
• Differential filtering that protects against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) filtering.
• 20 A throughput capacity.
• Thermal fuse to protect against further damage after a power surge.

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