pathfinder overview 2

The new Pathfinder system from Elsafe is the result of our 25 years' experience in supplying cable management products, and offers a complete floor-to-desk, floor-to-ceiling or ceiling-to-desk vertical cable management solution.

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superflex overview

Superflex is available to special order where a cable spine in a colour other than the standard white/grey or clear is required. Flexible protection for all your power and data cable solutions

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messenger overview

Elsafe Messenger for a stylish office environment. An innovative, state of the art design in cable management. The compact and stylish shaped umbilical segments are divided into two fully partitioned compartments for complete segregation of power and data.

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spine overview2

Spine is constructed on a flexible central core which allows movement in any direction. This has the benefit of relieving strain on cabling installed in the spine which is important for delicate high specification data cable.

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polar spine


The POLARSPINE is made from extruded aluminium forming a very strong, rigid but light vertical protection for power and data cables.

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Cable-SnakeĀ® Pro


The High-Traffic Cable Snake designed for wall or floor mounting in high traffic areas. Low profile design with 2D/3D functionality. 

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Cable-SnakeĀ® Orbit


Discrete, circular umbilical with small diameter, patented bayonet connector and integrated 2D/3D functionality. 

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The discreet underdesk cable mounting system which is flexible, modular and simple to install.  

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