QIKFIT Thick Panel Frames

The Qikfit Thick Panel Frame has been designed to accommodate the Elsafe Qikfit Series in a screen or other surface from 3mm to 14mm thick.


The Thick Panel Frame comprises of three parts; the Frame which is made from Polycarbonate and two Frame Clips which are made from a Nylon 6/6 to allow the clip to spring as required. Please note that the Thick Panel Frame is only available in a QF45 (4 GPO Qikfit) length.

TPF-Frame  TPF-Clip

Overall Size:

Thick Panel Frame - Overall Size3

Cut-out Size:

Thick Panel Frame - Cutout


Clips to Frame:



The clip can be easily removed and relocated into two different positions (as per the images below); this is necessary in order to give the Thick Panel Frame the flexibility to be mounted in a panel anywhere from 3mm to 14mm.  








The frame clip in its lowest position for installation into material from 3mm to 10mm thick:


Removing the frame clip for relocation:


The frame clip in its highest position for installation into material from 6mm to 14mm thick:



Mounting of QF items in Thick Panel Frames:

You will notice that there are three posts that are moulded into the frame at varying distances, these posts are integral to the stability of the Thick Panel Frame. If for example there are 9 x QF5 tiles installed into the Thick Panel Frame (as per below), then every one of those QF5 tiles will have a spring clip pushing outwards on the frame, the posts counteract that outward force and allow all of the QF5 tiles to be installed without any distortion to the straight lines of the Thick Panel Frame. (NB, if all of the posts are removed, this dow not render the Thick Panel Frame unusable for QF5's, it will merely splay the frame out).

Installation of the QF5 Tiles:

Leave posts in Thick Panel Frame and clip QF5's into place as needed.

TPF drawing 2 data

Installation of QF45 (4GPO Qikfit):

Remove posts and clip in Qikfit.

TPF drawing 4GPO

Installation of QF35 (Qikfit TUF):

Remove posts as needed and clip in Qikfit TUF. Then use 2 x QF5 Blanks or data/AV tiles as needed for remainder.

TPF drawing QFT

Installation of QF25 (2GPO Qikfit):

Remove posts as needed and clip in Qikfit. 

TPF drawing 2GPO

Power & Data Combined:

It is possible to install data/AV either side of a 2GPO however it will then be necessary to use a hard wired Qikfit (see possible configuration below):

TPF - Power  Data a


QIKFIT Thick Panel Frame

**Click on the image for larger view**
Thick-Panel-Frame    161609  Thick Panel Frame - White 
Thick-Panel-Frame    161610  Thick Panel Frame - Black 
Thick-Panel-Frame    161611  Thick Panel Frame - Grey 


*Please note that the above part numbers are for frames only. For Qikfit power, TUFdata & AV modules please click on the links for more information.

pdf-icon sml 50x47 Click to download the THICK PANEL FRAME Product Sheet

pdf-icon sml 50x47 Click to download the THICK PANEL FRAME Tick & Flick (Quotation Form)