The new TARDIS series in desk power and data box has been designed by the Elsafe Research and Development department using environmentally safe and recyclable components. The TARDIS series in desk box provides power and data solutions to your desk top with optional cable management system.

Ideal for boardroom tables, conference tables, office desk and wherever a classical, stylish, contemporary but practical power and data solution is required, the TARDIS is available with optional back box and end caps for a complete solution.

The TARDIS series in desk box is flush mounted and comes in two sections making installation quick and easy. The TARDIS comes in two standard sizes allowing for a maximum of 8 power or 6 power 4 data.

The TARDIS series in desk box lids opening edge has a soft bristle insert that fits snugly around the cables allowing the lids to sit tight and flush. The unique feature of this lid is the cable guides attached to either end. The function is to push the cables towards the centre when the lids are closed, thereby avoiding damage to the cables caused by the scissor action of the lid closing.